Molecular Computation and Visualization

in Undergraduate Education 

Resources at the MoleCVUE Center 


SGI R5000 Workstation
2 Linux web and mail servers 
Windows NT file server
12-20 Pentium Systems (Windows XP Pro)
Laptop computers for in-class use


Molecular modeling
Chem Plus
Mathematical Modeling
Multimedia Tools
Network Tools

Implementation and Testing Contexts:

Introductory molecular science course for non-majors
Introductory molecular science course for science majors
Upper-level atomic and molecular structure courses for chemistry and physics majors

Implementation and Testing Facilities:

Musser 232
Other "smart classrooms" on campus

Conference and Workshop Facilities:

Class and conference rooms
Computer laboratories
Housing in apartments on campus

Network Communications:

Fiber-optic communications to all classrooms, offices, and residence hall rooms
Network server in MoleCVUE center

Supporting Personnel and Services:

Undergraduate student assistants assigned to project
Clerical and conference support personnel
Electronics and aduio-visual support and repair services
Computer and network support and repair services