Molecular Computation and Visualization

in Undergraduate Education 

MoleCVUE Financial Support

Chemistry Department Alumni:

We are especially grateful to Chemistry Department alumni/alumnae for contributions of $19,200 during the planning and grant-writing phases. Without their generous support, the MoleCVUE Project would not have become a reality.

Dr. Robert Albright
Dr. James Alwine
Dr. Henry Gingrich
Dr. Robert and Mrs. Mary Anne Poljanec Kerr
Dr. Jay Lehman
Dr. Philip Metzger
Dr. James Oberholser
Dr. Henry Pownall
Mr. Roanald Prox
Dr. Frank Seidelman
Dr. Marilyn Senior
Dr. Janet Swinehart Stein
Dr. Jane E. Valas

Corporations and Foundations:

The Allergy Foundation - $5,600
Glidden Paints - $2,000
Autodesk, Inc. - Molecular modeling and graphics software
Gaussian, Inc. - Computational chemistry software
Silicon Graphics, Inc. - graphics workstation / network server
The Whitaker Foundation - $106,760 - June 1996 - Computing equipment for the Introduction to Molecular Science Course at Elizabethtown College; salary support for Project Director and Project Associate.
Warner-Lambert Corporation - $25,000 - 1996 - 2000 - Equipment, materials, stipends, student assistants.

Elizabethtown College:

Continuing software, facilities, project assistant, and salary support; housing for meeting participants.